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Looooooooooooou! WEEK One of the NFL Season for Lou and DA BEARS means we reach into the archive to predict WEEK ONE! As Lou would say about begin the beguine, "OUTSTANDING!" GO BEARS!

LOOOOOOU hosts TRAINING DAY at the Sovereign and the celebrities are there ... The RICE TWINS, BEAR HATIN' HEATHER, GRUMPY GUIDO (previewing his year of speaking Italian only), MILLER BOB, F MIKE H and Statsmaster COL. HOGAN. As Lou would say about Grillmaster Neil O Neill, "OUTSTANDING!"

We're back after the off-season break. When we last talked to Lou, he was predicting Oscars ... that's how long we've off. Lou is back to mid-season form as he talks Kristen Cavalleri, Da Bears and other freaky deakies. LOU IS BACK, and we're close to kick off for the 2022 LOU'S SUNDAY NFL PICKS! As Lou would say about new beginnings, "OUTSTANDING!" Happy Birthday Cowboy!

Lou reluctantly does his annual pick of the Oscars, as only a person who hasn't seen a film in four years can (Lou's personal favorite ... WRECK-IT RALPH). There's also some manly football talk ... as Lou would say about anything these days, "GOOOO RED SOX!" Outstanding.

Lou is turning over a new leaf at the end of the second month of 2022 ... all kumbaya all the time. The kind Lou refuses to besmirch the visage of the new coach of the New York Football Giants. What's next, no ball busting on the Commish? As Lou would say about giving peach a chance, "OUTSTANDING!" Loooooou!

Loooou picks his Super Bowl 56 Prop Bets from a very badly connected line. It's what PODCAST MAGAZINE called, "For gawd sakes can Lou get a better mobile service?!?" As Lou would say about Veggie Chips, "OUTSTANDING!" Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

Lou and the Commish are their merry selves on Awards Day. It's a video LDW so call the FCC, the FBI, the CIA, LBJ and the IRT. As Lou would say about quoting show tune lyrics, "OUTSTANDING!" Congrats to Cowboy Swami Champions, RiceCo!

Lou and the Commish are back because BOTH the Chicago Football Bears and the New York Football Giants have NEW HEAD COACHES. Welcome to Matt "Der Fledermaus" Eberflus and Brian "Giant" Da Boil! As Lou would say about the Giant going all the way, "OUTSTANDING!" Da Boil!

It's the last weekend of LOU's Sunday NFL Picks and L and the Commish go over the whole enchilada. It's been a great one, and the best is always yet to come. As Lou would say about Skippy Spence, "OUTSTANDING!"

HAPPY LOU YEAR 2022 ... It's down to the last two weeks of Lou's Sunday NFL Picks and Lou's in a high old mood as he welcomes Special Guest Neil O Neill, The Grillmaster. As Lou would say about it being his year, everyone else just lives in in, "OUTSTANDING!" Happy New Year!

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