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The first regular season Podcast has LOOOU and the Commish talkin' prison life regarding a former LDW Predictor! That and the Bear of the Week should hold us until next week. As Lou would say about being incarcerated, "OUTSTANDING!"


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Lou, The Commish and guest human Guido predicts DA BEARS for 2017....




It's ON, babies! The first official podcast of the 2017 Season of DA BEARS on TRAINING DAY at The Sovereign – 6202 North Broadway in Chicago – as LOU DICKMAN holds court for a preseason match-up with Da B's versus the Titt-tans at NOON TODAY (8/27). Lou and the Commish introduce the first LOU'S SUNDAY NFL PREDICTIONS with Da Bears Prop Bets. We'll know the results after Game 16 of the 2017 Pro Football Campaign. As Lou would say about the Beginning of the Beginning, "OUTSTANDING!" Go Bears!


LOU & THE COMMISH are doing another off-season 'cast, because TRAINING CAMP HAS OPENED FOR THE CHICAGO FOOTBALL BEARS. LDW will be kicking off another season of glory and dread on Sunday, August 27th, 2017 with LOU'S TRAINING CAMP. Pre-season Bears on Da Box, grilling glory in the room and LOOOOOOOOOU. At THE SOVEREIGN, 6202 North Broadway in Chicago. As Lou would say about the 2017 Football Season, "OUTSTANDING!"


LOOOOOOOOOOOOU is back from Spring Break and ready to talk Da Bears! The Commish and he go over all the off season action so far, and ends up in Kutztown. As Lou would say about English currency, "OUTSTANDING!"


HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY 2017.... Lou O'Dickman and McCommish are here to wish you the luck of the Irish....Irish they had more luck. They also talk about the new Bears quarterback, "Uncle" Mike Glennon. It's all live, it's all St. Paddy's, and as Lou would say about all that green jazz, "OUTSTANDING!"


LOOOOOOU is "supersized" in this episode, as three LOST PODCASTS from 2016/17 are broadcast...

Lou and the Commish talk about the first Superbowl on the 50th Anniversary of the game (January 15th, 1967)

Lou talks about his Polar Plunge, and his predictions for Chicago Baseball '17! Go Bears!

It's a rare live show during the regular season 2016..."Miller" Bob guest stars.

As Lou would say about being supersized, "OUTSTANDING!"



Nobody predicts the Academy Award winners like Sweet Lou Dickman. In his annual predictions show, he interestingly is right on in some places and right off others. As Lou would say about who he is wearing, "OUTSTANDING!" Happy Oscar!


February 11th, 2017, is fast a-comin' and LOOOOOOOU has Two BIG EVENTS that day...

- 10am...THE POLAR PLUNGE: To benefit an old college friend with ALS, Steve Pickett, Lou will participating in a POLAR PLUNGE into Lake Michigan, simultaneous with a PLUNGE being held for Steve in Massachuetts. For details and to contribute,  ciick here.

- 1pm...THE CHILI BOWL: Lou's annual Best-of Chili contest reunites FOUR former victors. Details to come.

SUPER BOWL PROP BETS! Play along with Lou as he picks the wacky bets of Super Bowl Sunday.

As Lou would say about a full plate and good health, "OUTSTANDING!"



It's Lou's year, we just live in it, and LDW is launching January 1st, 2017, with music spectacular featuring the AH C'MONS and DARK ROOM MEN at The Sovereign (6202 North Broadway in Chicago) starting RIGHT AFTER Da Bears beat up on the Vikings in WEEK 17. As Lou would say about Lou puns and LOU YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, "OUTSTANDING!"


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